Ayurveda as a medicine science.

When we think about Ayurveda Story, we must go back more than five thousand years ago, and starting from this point we can begin to see or study the roots of this transcendental science, in other words we must go back to have our starting point.

More than five thousand years ago, it is said that Ayurr (Life) and Veda  (Knowledge) were given to the Rishis (WISE), which was transmitted to all people directly through the teachings and various texts that date the training of this millenary science, which allows the development and use of it to help people improve their living conditions, since Ayurveda shows and provides the knowledge required to improve the life habits of each individual , since it connects us with the cosmos and all the energies that provide an impact towards us, taking into account that Ayurveda says that every object has a reaction on us.

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